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The Cemetery Committee of four was set up in 2003 to clean up a very overgrown and neglected graveyard. Each year we set targets to improve our Cemetery.

Our first task was to lift and re-assemble broken and fallen headstones. This took a number of years and when completed we had lifted and repaired 188 headstones.

We have repaired all of the internal walls and had all of the pathways tarmacadamed, We have put in new pathways in the new Cemetery and planted flowers in and around Church and Cemetery.

An Information Board was erected in 2009 and a new Toilet was built. In 2011 we erected an Information Plaque at the site of the old School house.

Then with the help of Rev. Fr Sean Dooley in 2012, we got our headstones cleaned so that we could get the details posted on the Internet. The survey was done by

We got the beautiful headstone cleaned at the west end gate in memory to A Fr. Gallogly C.C who was Curate in Tullyallen for 19 years. This is a beautiful Work of Art on Sheephouse Stone and we had it cleaned with the support of a few supporters who kindly donated towards the work.

In 2006 we first entered the Louth Tidy Towns Competition Graveyard Section, since then we have won 3 times and been placed 5 times.

This year, 2014, we hope to erect a plaque in memory of the Holy Innocents who are buried in a separate plot in the old Bell Cemetery. We hope that maybe some Parishioners might contribute to this worthy project. Our aim is to have the plot completed before Cemetery Sunday in June.

As well as our project work detailed we look after the day to day care of the cemetery, we have three barrels painted green to collect the rubbish and they are emptied weekly into a large Jumbo bin. We have 3 lawnmowers and the grass is mowed around 20 times per year. Weeds are sprayed about 3 times yearly and hedges are also kept trimmed.
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